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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

26/1, Mahatma Gandhi High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 034.
(Recognized by Government of India vide F.No.B-12017/15/2005-Ad.IV A dt 04.03.2010)
              A.J. STANLEY                                                                  J. SUDHARSAN
            Joint Secretary                                                              GENERAL SECRETARY
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Ref.No.CEMOA/01/2013                             Chennai, the 22ndJanuary, 2013

The Additional Commissioner (CCA)
O/o. The Chief Commissioner of Central Excise,
Cadre Control Authority,
26/1, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Chennai – 600 034.

Respected Sir,

Greetings from All India Central Excise & Service Tax Ministerial Officers’ Association, Chennai Unit.
It is understood that in accordance with Board’s letter F.No.B-12017/5/2008-Ad.IVA, dated 07.11.2012, the Cadre Control Authority, Chennai Zone has initiated the process of holding meeting under the JCM format.  The official communication sent by the administration to respective associations falling under JCM is yet to receive by this Association. 
However, in the larger interest of the welfare of Ministerial Officers, this Association submits the following few points which are pending for quite long time.
Point No.1  The CCA, Chennai Zone has formed a committee during Januray’2012 to review the promotions taken place after last cadre-restructure based on the Andhra Pradesh High Court Judgement, which was implemented in many zones.  Our Board office has also issued several letters at different points of time to implement the same.  Though this Association has made several representations to implement the Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court Judgement, there is no forward movement in the right direction even after a loss of one year. 
          We are given to understand that the Administrative Officer of CCA-Estt. has submitted a report to the then Chief Commissioner regarding the position of availability of vacancies after last re-structure and the same was contested negatively by the Review Committee formed for implementation Andhra Pradesh High Court order. 
This Association feels that the factual position of the above issue may be discussed in detail with this Association along with the respective officers viz. A.Os and with officers of the review committee and the details in the file concerned may be shown to us.  A suitable date may be fixed for discussion along with the office bearers of this Association to settle the issue.
Point No.2           The CCA, Chennai Zone is conducting the DPCs pertaining to the Ministerial Cadre only during the month of December every year (Continuously last 3 years) and orders are being issued on the last date of every year which creates confusion and panic among the members of this association whether the officers can join before 31st December on the promoted post.  DoP&T has time and again issued several guidelines regarding conducting of DPCs well in time.  Had it been followed the promotion to the grade of Administrative Officers would have taken place and our members would have got promoted.  After the Superintendent promotion DPC, the administration is taking considerable time for Transfer/posting and Posting within Chennai Zone which hampers the consequent DPCs.  In the above process our members are deprived of their legitimate rights of getting promoted in time and losing considerable monetary loss and qualifying service.
It is emphasized that the guidelines followed by the DoP&T for conducting DPCs may be followed in letter and spirit and DPCs may be conducted before March of every year and necessary directions may be given to the officials concerned accordingly.  This association wishes that all the DPCs pertaining to Ministerial Cadre viz. DOS to Ao, STA to Inspector, STA to DOS, TA to STA, LDC to TA and Sepoy to LDC may be conducted before March 2013 by stipulating a DPC time table.  The DPC time table may be communicated in advance to the associations.
Point No.3.           Seniority List in respect of all cadres as on 01.01.2013 may be published immediately.
Point No.4.           Ministerial Staff may be shuffled from Admn. section to Technical section periodically.  Since it is not being followed, many of the officers are deprived from acquiring technical knowledge and it affects their career prospects.  During the promotion to the grade of Inspectors these officers need to undergo Interview in which they are expected to answer technical questions.  Many of the officers were denied their promotions on the basis of the interview which was not the fault of these officers as they were not exposed to work in Technical sections.  Hence, the Ministerial officers should be rotated from admin to technical sections at least once in 3 years.
­Point No.5.           During December’2012 DPC to the grade of Inspector has taken place in which 62 STAs were promoted to the grade of Inspector for the vacancies pertaining to the year 2011-12 and 2012-13.  Out of around 71 vacancies only 62 STAs were promoted and some vacancies were not filled up citing the Court case filed by the Stenographers.  The Hon’ble CAT, Chennai Bench in its interim order has given direction only to keep the Stenographers in Sealed Cover however, there is no direction to reserve the vacancies for Stenographers.  Without any Court’s direction or the Board’s instruction, the department’s decision to reserve the vacancies for Stenographers has caused injustice to the Ministerial Officers who are likely to be promoted against those vacancies.  The department’s decision to reserve the vacancies for Stenographers when a case is going on is unprecedented.  If the administration starts to reserve vacancies in all cases related to service matters, most of the vacancies will be reserved for officers who are kept under sealed cover due to some case.  This association feels that it would be justified only if stenographers are considered after getting clearance from the Court or getting proper instructions from the Board.  The Department on one hand contesting before the court stating that the Stenographer Gr-I are not eligible as per the existing Recruitment Rules and on the other hand vacancies are reserved for them without any instructions from court / board.  Moreover, the Hyderabad Zone in similar issue has taken a stand by not reserving vacancies and filled up all the vacancies as per the Recruitment Rules.
Therefore, it is requested that until the litigation comes to an end, the existing Recruitment Rules should be followed and these vacancies reserved for Stenographers shall be filled up with the eligible STAs down the order, who are awaiting their promotions for nearly two decades and the panel may be released for the remaining vacancies immediately.

Point No.6.           The CGEGIS subscription deducted from the STAs should be Rs.60/- being a group “B” non-gazetted post as classified by DOP&T since it carries a grade pay of Rs.4200/-.  Whereas the PAO is objecting to deduct Rs.60/- and insisting to deduct only Rs.30/-.  In this regard it is submitted that the STAs are being denied the benefits of Group Insurance, LTC etc.  Owing to the above the issue may be addressed to PAO to deduct Rs.60/- towards CGEGIS for STAs.
Point No.7.          The Sanctioned Strength of Tax Assistant is 434 for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, whereas the working strength is just around 90.  The workload is shared by the existing STAs and TAs.  Due to the acute shortage Ministerial officers are over burdened and stressed to attend various work apart from their allocation of work.  This needs to be addressed immediately before the board to fill up these vacancies.
Point No.8           As detailed in point no.8 the existing officers are performing in excess to their allocated work.  Hence Overtime Allowance shall be granted to the Ministerial Officers irrespective of Cadre and necessary directions be given to all the Commissionerates in this regard.
Point No.9           The Joint Council Meeting may be effectively conducted for redressal of grievances atleast once in 3 months without fail.  Necessary Directions be given to all Zones/Commissionerates to conduct JCM at the earliest.
          Thanking you,
                                                                               Yours faithfully,
                                                                                (J. Sudharsan)
                                                                            General Secretary

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Monday, 24 September 2012

Joint Action Council Agitational Program

Dear Comrades
 This Association is in receipt of a request from JAC leadership to participate in the agitational programme, finalised by them on 26.09.12.  This was discussed with the  All India office bearers who turned up at Delhi during the recent visit on 17.09.12 and 18.09.12.  I have also discussed the issue with the All India President and Zonal Presidents and other office bearers over phone.
           Accordingly, Unit Secretaries are advised to observe lunch hour demonstration and wear black batches on 26.09.12 along with other JAC constituents. They may take getting touch with local JAC members for this purpose.
It is further clarified that this agitational programme is finalised by the JAC constituents and we are to observe the same along with the other constituents, subject to the strength of local organisation vis-a-vis other organisations.
Participation in the JAC programme is taken to strengthen the unity and further the common cause.
Comradely Yours
J. Sudharsan
Secretary General

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Message from Newly elected Secretary General

Dear Comrades,

Message from the newly elected Secretary General of Our All India Federation is placed below



Message to our Members

Dear Comrades,

It is an attempt to bring transparency on the style of functioning of our association and to keep update our members regarding whatever correspondence transpired between association and administration on various issues.

Blog is under preparation.

All the correspondences will be posted at the earliest.


Sudharsan J

General Secretary, TNCESTMOA, Chennai.