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Monday, 24 September 2012

Joint Action Council Agitational Program

Dear Comrades
 This Association is in receipt of a request from JAC leadership to participate in the agitational programme, finalised by them on 26.09.12.  This was discussed with the  All India office bearers who turned up at Delhi during the recent visit on 17.09.12 and 18.09.12.  I have also discussed the issue with the All India President and Zonal Presidents and other office bearers over phone.
           Accordingly, Unit Secretaries are advised to observe lunch hour demonstration and wear black batches on 26.09.12 along with other JAC constituents. They may take getting touch with local JAC members for this purpose.
It is further clarified that this agitational programme is finalised by the JAC constituents and we are to observe the same along with the other constituents, subject to the strength of local organisation vis-a-vis other organisations.
Participation in the JAC programme is taken to strengthen the unity and further the common cause.
Comradely Yours
J. Sudharsan
Secretary General

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